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Yakima's website shows the valley's demographic, statistics and trends

"YAKIMA Wa. -- Yakima has a website that gives people information on everything the valley has to offer.
During tonight’s Yakima city council meeting the Yakima Indicators website was presented by the Eastern Washington University."
-KIMAtv.com,  11/13/2018

New website featuring access to 140 current Yakima Valley trends debuting at luncheon today

"YAKIMA, Wash. -- A website featuring data on about 140 current trends and statistics about the Yakima Valley was launched Monday.
The Yakima Valley Trends website (www.yakimavalleytrends.org) seeks to improve private and public decision-making by providing data in an easily navigable format.
Information on demographics, agriculture, tourism, economic vitality, education, equity and inclusion, the environment, health, housing, safety and transportation is included.
Two years in the making, the project is the result of a partnership among the Yakima County Development Association, Eastern Washington University’s Institute for Public Policy and Economic Analysis, Yakima Valley Conference of Governments and the Yakima Valley Community Foundation.
“The continuously updated, real-time data included in this site provides critical information about the quality of life in the Valley and provides a way to evaluate the effectiveness of both philanthropic and business investments in the community,” said Jonathan Smith, CEO of the Development Association."
-The Yakima Herald,  11/13/2017

Greater Yakima Chamber of Commerce to Launch “Yakima Valley Trends” Website

"In Partnership with the Yakima Valley Community Foundation, Yakima County Development Association, and Yakima Valley Conference of Governments, the Greater Yakima Chamber of Commerce will unveil their new “Yakima Valley Trends” website November 13, 2017 at the general membership and community luncheon from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM.

The website will help feature to help promote more informed decision making by individuals, organizations, and governments throughout the Yakima Valley. Never before has so much information about Yakima County been provided so clearly and intuitively. With easy access to 140 current trends and statistics in 11 categories such as tourism, demographics, health, housing, and economics, you’ll be able to learn just about all there is to know about Yakima County with only a few clicks of the mouse.

Each indicator is presented in an interactive graphical format that includes a narrative of why the indicator matters and a source for downloading the original data. "
-Greater Yakima Chamber of Commerce ,  10/25/2017